What I Do

Aspirations Counselling Service offers you a professional, ethical, sensitive, and confidential service, utilizing a humanistic approach to counselling. The main goals of humanistic counselling are to find out how you perceive yourself in the here and now, while acknowledging the influence of your past experiences. Humanistic counselling recognises your growth, self-direction, and responsibilities. Through our counselling sessions you will be provided with the opportunity to gain the tools you may need as a first step towards acceptance, and if you desire, change.

I can offer you two types of counselling:

Short term counselling

Short term counselling would be suitable for you if you have a specific issue or life event that you would like to explore in our sessions. A limited number of sessions can often be all you would need to explore the concern and gain understanding around the issue. A block of 6 or fewer sessions can be sufficient to provide you with the understanding and coping strategies needed. Short term counselling would suit you if you have a clear sense of the changes you are wanting to make, by focussing therapy towards these specific goals.

Longer term counselling

Some of the experiences we have in life cannot be resolved within 6 sessions. Some issues require exploration in more depth in order for you to facilitate long term positive change. Longer term counselling would be offered to you if you are seeking change through a deeper sense of self-awareness or self-acceptance. Longer term counselling is not limited to a specific number of sessions. If you felt that you needed longer term counselling you would have the opportunity to review our relationship and our work together regularly, providing you with an indication on the progress you are making.